Communication + Coordination = Efficiency

Manage your team and your time effectively. Get more done in less time with calculated delegation.


Ensure everyone on your team is where they belong at all times. Have your employees clock in and out so that you can keep track of time and attendance easily. Keep tabs on your field workers with the geo-location tracking feature so you know they’re in the right place and that the work is getting done.



Schedule and assign tasks easily, taking all factors into consideration. Coordinate your team to ensure that all work is completed to perfection in a timely manner. Systematically delegate all tasks so that no one is overworked while others are left with too much free time


Communicate easily and conveniently with your entire team with live chat. Share images and information instantly and ensure everyone stays informed and up to date. Avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary rework with clear and direct communication.


52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication.

You can avoid all that unnecessary rework.

Streamline your communication. Boost your productivity.