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Frequently asked questions

Sitepod is an enterprise level business management software solution geared towards service based industries.

That was a mouthful. Let's break that down:

  • Enterprise level - A powerful software that is geared towards larger companies handling millions annually with dozens to hundreds of employees.
  • Business management - Our full range of features include the full gamut that you are looking for in a software: managing projects, employees, tasks, service calls, reporting, accounting, files, proposals, vendors, subcontractors, and more.
  • Software solution - We are a cloud based application that gracefully handles your workflow, and if we don't yet have a specific solution that you are looking for, we will work on quickly adding it for our Enterprise level customers.
  • Service based industries - Which means if you have a service type of business, for example you are a GC, subcontractor, real estate broker, wedding hall manager, etc. then Sitepod is for you. Although at the moment it is hyper focused and geared for subcontractors in general and MEP in particular.

First of all, task management is just one of many different facets and features Sitepod offers, which includes, managing projects, proposals, time attendance, files, service calls, accounting, among other features..

To specifically answer regarding task management software; Asana, and many other task management software such as Trello, Slack, Jira, etc. are very solid task management systems for office personnel, however when it comes to seamlessly connecting the field workers with the back office, in a way that is innovative, robust, and comprehensive, an enterprise level software such as ours handles it in a far more practical manner.

Sitepod is currently geared toward service based industries, which means a business that provides a service rather than a product. Generally speaking, a large portion of all service based businesses follow the same blueprint to a large degree. They all have in common the need for accounting, vendors, subcontractors, keeping track of jobs, in depth task management, service calls, etc.

However, each industry has some unique needs, for example a subcontractor has to deal with submittals and RFI's, while a real estate broker does not, etc.

We currently cater specifically to the subcontractor industry, with a hyper focus on MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing).

Sitepod will work out of the box for any service based industry, but you may feel the need to have some additional features for your specific needs, we'd love to hear all about them.

We are based in Brooklyn, NY with a full in house team of software engineers, as well as onboarding and product specialists.

Our support response time is near instant during business hours, and you will be capably cared for by our in house superior support staff.

Simple. We aren't a software provider as much as we are a business solutions architect.

Sitepod's clientele is a business to business white glove service, in which we strategize closely as to how we can enhance your business via a variety of creative solutions that we are highly capable of conceiving, researching, developing, and incorporate it into the Sitepod software.

We constantly raise the bar on ingenuity, creativity, and simplicity, as we tackle the pain points that keep you up at night, as well the silent pain points you may not have been aware of, in a rapid and professional manner.