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Enhancing your solution daily

Our full in-house New York based team, is constantly striving to perfect our services and solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly explore creative solutions for your company, and then rapidly incorporate it into our software.

Although Sitepod is intuitive and incredibly feature rich, we nevertheless also place enormous importance to the onboarding and training process, as to ensure that your team is ready and comfortable with transitioning to a new system. 

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Enhancing your solution daily


Sitepod covers the full range of features necessary to properly run your business, with dozens of ready to use features. Our intuitive software allows you to properly manage: projects; tasks; accounting; customers; sales; timesheets; field workers; service calls; proposals; and far more.


Although our software is pleasantly instinctive, nevertheless we do understand that in order to properly use a full business management solution such as Sitepod, your team will need proper training. We have you covered with in app tutorials, live training sessions, video walkthroughs, and more.


Enhancing our service is our single minded focus, both from ease of use and customer support methodologies, as well as from a feature rich perspective. We are constantly adding additional features, and we eagerly await your requests for certain new workflows.


Sitepod Main Features Development Timeline

October 2018

Project Data Enhancements

Comprehensive form to enter Project data, new design across the software, vendor and subcontractor information, financial profit reporting, payroll and hourly rates reporting.

November 2018

Proposals, notifications, time and attendance

Proposal PDF design to separate each proposal type, vendor summary in project, updated project detail view, notifications for new bills that need approval, enhanced time and attendance data entry, roster-type report to visualize all employees working locations for each week.

December 2018

DOB violations integration, employee rate history

Automatically retrieve all violations on a project based on Building Identification Number, create tasks to follow up, determine penalties and fines, subcontractor login capablity, employee rate change history, complex employer tax algorithms.

January 2019

Detailed reporting, tracking assets and equipment

Created detailed at a glance profit and loss reporting for all projects, in a one row format, as well as determining each customer's projects as to status and detailed analysis, intricate equipment tracking feature allowing to keep track of location, inventory, and other information.

February 2019

Dozens of enhancements, bidding and leveling

Worked on many dozens of enhancements in order to streamline existing features in terms of faster data entry and less points of contact, also released a powerful bidding tool to provide to your subcontractors along with communication and leveling.

March 2019

Accounts Payable Approvals, Daily Reports

Created additional layers for the comprehensive vendor or subcontractor bill approval feature, in which each team member can be tasked to approve, disapprove, or pay a bill. Also improved the daily reports and submittals features.

April 2019

Proposals enhancements, real time budget

Revamped much of the proposals process, including the PDF option to outline proposed work separated for each site section. Also added a versatile real time budget calculation for estimated vs actual ongoing accounts payable bills such as payroll, vendors, and subcontractors.

May 2019

Inventory automation, warehouse management

Extensive capabilities to quickly add new inventory, transfer among different onsite or offsite locations, have the ability to create a warehouse order by project manager for the warehouse manager to ship, among other features.

June 2019

Task Management, mobile app

Released an extensive and powerful task management module geared for the construction community. The ability to quickly create an intersecting visual of tasks and sub tasks, along with perfectly suited mobile app for the field agents, with the ability to capture images and videos, focused messaging, mark as completed, and beyond.

July 2019

Enhanced billing notifications, proposals checklist

Worked on dozens of varied features and enhancements, chief among them is the interactive account payable bill approval system, along with giving terrific insight and management capabilities for all proposals in the manner of a checklist and quick todo/reminder concept of whom to call, email, visit, etc.

August 2019

Emailing proposals, ticketing system, customer portal

Extensive upgrades ranging across the entire software, with some singular focus on the ability to interactively email proposals directly from the software, and a customer portal for your customers to create tickets, view invoices, keep tabs on project and service calls, among other capabilities.

September 2019

Service Calls, scheduling, progress billing, proposals

Many dozens of upgrades throughout the software, with a particular focus on an easier time to work with proposals with many innovative shortcuts. Also released a full suite of tools for service calls along with detailed interactive technician scheduling, and a full mobile app field-based version. Revolutionary multi-faceted billing concept for each project.

October 2019

Stripe connection, service calls dispatch, PDF invoicing

Connected each company's Stripe account in order to seamlessly collect payments from customers. Additionally, released multiple invoice templates, and PDF invoicing options, along with standalone summary pages for customers to view and pay. Also released innovative service call scheduling view for dispatching team.

November 2019

Email activity tracking, bulk vendor payment

Released powerful email activity tracking feature that keeps track of all sent emails, along with its status if delivered, bounced, etc. as well as how many times the email was opened or any links within clicked. Also released a terrific easy to use bulk payment feature to record one payment to multiple vendor bills.

December 2019

Extensive accounting module, bank and cc integrations

Released an extensive and powerful internal accounting module, which includes core accounting features such as, chart of accounts, bank reconciliation, expense reporting, registry, aging, and more. Also have live integration with thousands of financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies, in which transaction are brought in automatically.

January 2020

Global Search, Reports, Enhancements

Focused exclusively on enhancing existing usage across the platform. One of the biggest impact is the global search, which allows a user to quickly locate any bill, project, task, message, item, etc. instantly. Among the many other improvements were in the proposals module for even faster load time and maneuvering, along with additional reports such as the customer invoice aging report.

February 2020

Bulk Imports, Mobile App Enhancements, Leads

In order to facilitate easier data entry for large datasets, we have expanded the ability to bulk import data in an intuitive fashion. Additionally, the mobile app has undergone several upgrades for easier use. Furthermore, we unveiled a terrific new module to capture leads and prospects, with a large number of built in features, such as custom fields, scheduled follow ups, mobile app collaboration, and far more.

March 2020

New Jobs Overview, Internal Message Board

The Jobs module gives a detailed overview of the status and progress of each job. From Lead to Proposal to Project/Service Call, a user will instantly see where specific jobs are holding or are lagging. Within this view a user can also drill down and see any missed tasks, as well as those that are due today or are upcoming. Additionally, we rolled out a feature rich message board, for real time communication between personnel.

April 2020

Enhanced Leads Module, Salespeople Analysis

The Leads module has been a focus, with many new features added, in order to optionally isolate this module and function as a CRM. Managing salespeople, follow ups, custom questionnaire, reports, and more. Lead stages give the ability to see at a glance where all the leads and opportunities stand. Keep track of follow ups with potential clients, with an easy to use calendar, along with a comprehensive dashboard for each lead to keep track of all messages, activity, notes, events, potential contract, and more.

May 2020

Proposal Scopes Upgrade, Mobile App Upgrade

Significant upgrade to proposals and their scopes, so that each scope of work, has the ability to attach template materials, tasks, custom options and more. Additionally, specific industries will find the new wizard useful so that the estimator on the filed can easily and quickly enter all pertinent data points for each section of a building, and its applicable scope of work. Mobile app has undergone some upgrades as well for managing leads and salespeople activity.

June 2020

Service Call Enhancements, Retainage Feature

Service calls module underwent a significant upgrade, allowing easier use to quickly add and manage service calls. New manageable statuses, easy to use weekly calendar, image/videos added from the field or office, streamlined form, along with many other smaller enhancements for easier use. Additionally, we added a new retainage feature to projects, so that your back office can keep track of invoices and their balances, separately from the owed retainage invoices.

July 2020

New Reports/Analysis, UI/UX Upgrade

There are new reports to keep track of the data within our software, and act upon them. Two of the more significant ones, are the ability to download statements to send to your customers, as well as the ability to see in a map view all of the time clock in/out that filed workers have done on a given day, with a measurable distance from where the expected clock in was supposed to take place versus where it actually took place. Additionally, there has been a major overhaul in the UI/UX of our software for even easier usage.

August 2020

Comprehensive Purchase Orders Module

Added an entirely new purchasing module. In this innovative feature set, users can keep track of each step of a purchasing journey. Beginning with an optional internal request for purchase, which can be reviewed and approved by a purchasing manager. After that the request for purchase can be analyzed if it should be fulfilled by existing inventory, or if a new order from a vendor should be filled, with an option to first receive a quote. Once a purchase order is sent to a vendor, it is kept track of in regards to sub orders and deliveries, as well as keeping track of ordered vs shipped vs received quantities.

September 2020

Email/Proposal templates, stale status updates

Released custom templates for both emails and proposal information data. This means that users can now select a prefilled template, with custom tags, that allow them to overwrite a generic email body. Similarly, in proposals, users can select a custom template to pre-fill and overwrite the general information sections. Additionally, we released a terrific feature that updates users as to stale statuses on a variety of modules. This means that users can now set specific parameters and be notified if there are for example, service calls that haven't been charged yet for over two weeks.

October 2020

Desktop browser notifications, auto address search

Newly released desktop notification feature. This means that any significant notification, will now flash on the bottom of your browser, even if not logged into Sitepod. This way, users will be kept on top of important activity, such as jobs that have statuses updates, new messages, bills to be reviewed, and more. Additionally, we released an address auto completion, in which new addresses that are in middle of being entered, will show a dropdown of matching suggestions, this can reduce misunderstandings, and technicians arriving at the incorrect address.

November 2020

Cardknox integration, service calls enhancements

We integrated with Cardknox (Fidelity), and users can now charge their customers via credit card or ACH, and have it go directly to their Cardknox account. This integration allows users to quickly connect to their Cardknox account (or sign up to a new account), and benefit from faster deposits and lower fees. Additionally, there have been many dozens of enhancements for the service call module, including but not limited to: stats, filters, site sections (apartment/lot numbers), option for manual status changes, vendor bills, adding labor hours, and more.